Confused girl

Whether the girl should show initiative for a date

The expert told us what men think about this.

Despite independence and independence of women whether questions from a series still interest many “Can the girl start meeting guy by herself” and “How guys react if girl shows initiative“.

As it appeared, guys have no anything against an initiative of girls, and here opinions of respondents were shared. For example, one of them considers that acquaintance of the girl to the guy unnaturally and reminds ritual dances more, another, though tried to get acquainted the first, all the same calls this idea failure, and the third does not see in it anything bad. It applies to all relationships including gay and lesbians. The thing is that one is dominant and other is passive. So if the non-dominant side initiates the interest and want to set a date, how would the dominant react?

On a subject whether the first can get acquainted, the invited expert Andy Graves gave the comments.

Who initiates first date?

Andy connects the man’s initiative with biological requirement to win the woman. Therefore, if the girl approaches first, it is possible that she can guard the guy. Though, considering the fact that men can hesitate or be diffident too, sometimes the first step should be taken by weaker sex. Important, what step it will be. If you ask this question in Cameraboys chat you will get the confirmation that guys would like if the girl would take the initiative.

How to meet men

she wants me

It is possible to get acquainted actively and passively. If the girl herself approached to get acquainted, then, clear, she chose active tactics. Similar courage frightens off someone, but so you will understand at once whether you are pleasant each other. And even if it will not turn out, you will lose nothing. You remember, the overestimated importance of the partner – one of the main mistakes at date.

Passive interest to dating to the man is based differently. At him the girl gives hints, but does not take the initiative. To draw attention of the guy, Andy gives good advice.

  • Flirt. You actively prove to be, and men react to it – on your open gestures, a game with hair. Andy is sure that those girls who are sure of themselves are able to flirt. And the more the girl is sure of herself, the easier she of communication. However, here the expert makes a warning: not all men understand hints at once therefore sometimes to flirt to have several times.
  • Let to the man to feel the hero. Ask him about the help or ask council. So you will have an occasion to strike up a conversation moreover to slightly amuse his vanity, men like to feel the force and authority.

    Separate after could attract and remember his attention. “Then at the man the biological program to catch up with the girl works. If the girl does not separate, so she from him needs something, and here the man can already prick up the ears” – Andy considers.